Tyler A Michieli

School of Visual and Performing Arts | Fall 2008
Instructors Donald Genasci | University of Oregon
 Sean Cho |

The first half of this studio was focused on getting to know and become familiar with Portland and the urban planning that has been done historically in the city.  The midterm was a focus on those issues with a creation of a urban plan that the school would be integrated into.  The school had 4 main elements of studio spaces, a library, a black box theater, and a gallery space.  I located my building interposed between the two on/off ramps of the Broadway bridge head.  The black box theater was located facing directly to the bridge as the face to that element while the other program faced a proposed park block.  The program was organized so that at throughout the day the patrons would move upward within the building, reaching the apex at night creating a beacon of light and movement.

Tyler Michieli's Portfolio