Tyler A Michieli

Public Center for the OCAC | Winter 2009
Instructor David Gabriel | CoLab Architecure

The Oregon College of Arts and Craft is a nationally recognized Arts College located in the west hills of Portland. This somewhat reclusive and commune like school. In the last couple of years has been putting its best face forward by developing a new master plan and a library into their campus.  In the future a public center will be added on the most prominent part of the campus, located next to the road.  This addition will include a gallery, lecture hall, cafe and classrooms.  For my addition I recognized that the campus lacked a large public gathering space or a campus lawn.  The campus is made up of several smaller courtyard spaces that move up the hill that the school is spread across.  My building continues this movement up the hill by the large exterior ramp to the campus lawn that would become the entry point for the school.

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