Tyler A Michieli

Instructor John Leahy | University of Oregon

For the Boite_En-Valise I have focused on layering; both additive and subtractive.  The first element that I designed was the top lid; where I layered the elements of the story (verbs, nouns, adjectives, as well as words that described space, time, or emotion) wit).    I then took the quantifiable elements and qualitative (one is wood and one is red plastic) ones and overlaid them to create a pattern in which  light would highlight words and the story could be read through remembered words and phrases. 

The rest of my box did not fallow a  linear path of design. When asked to create the box itself I was still interested in the stacking and laying of objects to represent memories, and developed the idea of creating a series of frames.  These frames could act a picture frames displaying the snapshots or documented moments of the past.  Then when stacked would create a time line that could be dissected and rearranged.

In the next phase and object was to be created and I  envisioned a space where  this collection of memories would like a hallway you walk down, but at your current location in that hall, it would grow and expand  showing that your current memories are the strongest. I represented this hall with two strips of plastic that were formed using the negative of the frames as a mold.

The structure of these elements was connected in two physical ways. The first was the connection of the laminations of the frame box in which I used magnets to hold the pieces together.  This allowed for  separation of the frames, an ability to display in an unexpected way, and  the possibility of rearrangement.  The second structure  was to hold the forms in place by the use of compression.  This suggests the means in which the form was created by the malleable plastic being molded into the form of the  box.

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